Why Is My Penis Curved

Why Is My Penis Curved

 Curvature of the penis (or Peyronies disease as its is officially known) is actually more common than we may think, it actually affects around 1 in 100 men to varying degrees, most men do not even realise that they have the problem, but for some, it can pose a problem so great that they are unable to have any normal sexual contact

What Causes Peyronies Disease

Peyronies occurs when a hard lump or plaque begins to form in the penile tissue, it starts as inflammation, but can turn into hardened scar tissue. The position of this plaque will cause the penis to bend towards it as the skin in this area does not stretch as the penis becomes erect. Plaques on the top of the penis will cause the penis to curve or bend upwards; plaques on the bottom will cause the opposite.

No one is really sure why Peyronies occurs, it can be the result of trauma, and sometimes it can be hereditary.

The majority of cases are minor, and do in fact disappear on their own, in severe cases, the last ditch treatment can be surgery.

The three surgical options are:

The ‘Lue’ Procedure. Removal of the plaque then followed by placement of a patch of skin or artificial material. This has a high rate of complications and causes a loss of erectile function and prevents the penis from becoming rigid.

The ‘Nesbit’ procedure. This is removal or pinching of tissue from the opposite side of the penis to the plaque which can balance out the bending effect. This shortens the penis when it is erect.

An implant can be put into the penis to cause rigidity. Sometimes this implant will be enough to straighten the penis enough to provide a satisfactory result, other times, implantation is combined with a selection of incisions, grafting or plication (pinching or folding the skin).

Non Surgical Methods Of Curing Peyronies

Doctors have experimented with different drugs and vitamins to help cure the problem, Vitamin E, steroids and calcium channel blockers have all been used with varying success.

Probably the most effective non surgical way to reduce Peyronies is by the use of a penis traction device, many surgeons recommend these as the only sure fire way to cure the problem without the problems associated with surgical methods.

Penis Traction Devices work by placing the penis under gentle but constant pressure, this over a period of time causes skin cells in the penis to divide and reproduce, causing the formation of new skin cells and blood vessels, these additional cells etc cause the penis to grow in length and gradually straighten. In fact these devices have one of the best success rates in the curing of Peyronies.

Recommended Traction Device

There are many devices available to buy, of these, the one to consider is the one made by Size Genetics, originally designed by a specialist surgeon, the Size genetics device is recognised and used by the medical profession worldwide and has been classed as a type one medical device.

Size Genetics was the first of its kind, often copied, but rarely equalled, it offers sufferers of Peyronies disease an effective cure for their problem without the risks and pain of surgery.

More About Size Genetics As A Cure For Peyronies Disease

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