Why Are My Teeth Stained

Causes Of Teeth Staining

Our teeth can be stained by many things; the worst culprits are without a doubt, Smoking, Drinking red wine stains teethTea, Coffee and Wine, in particular red. Acidic drinks such as fruit juices and carbonated colas are also prone to cause staining.

How Can I Stop Drinks Staining My Teeth

Naturally the most obvious thing to do would be to stop drinking these drinks, but that is easier said than done, drinking though a straw whenever possible would protect the front teeth (especially) from the drink and if this is not possible, always try to rinse the mouth out with water immediately after drinking.

Other Causes Of Teeth Staining

Certain antibiotics are well known to cause teeth staining, of these, the worse culprits are tetracycline and minocyline, these can leave a hard to remove bluish grey stain on the teeth with regular or long term use.

Other medicines such as antihistamines can cause staining, if concerned about any medication, speak to your dental surgeon, who will advise you on what to do.antibiotics teeth staining

Ageing has a definite effect on the condition of our teeth, with age the enamel will get thinner to reveal the yellow under layer called Dentin.

Genetics can determine just how white or strong your teeth are.

Dark coloured fruits and other foodstuffs can also cause staining, two examples are soy sauce and cranberries, a rule to remember is:

     If this food would stain your clothes, it’s more than likely to stain your teeth

 Always rinse your teeth after eating these or any other foods that are dark in colour.

Finally, staining can also be caused by damage, injury or by some dental procedures such as root canal work

How To Avoid Stains

brushing teethMaintaining a good dental care regime can help keep your teeth as white as possible, maintain regular brushing and flossing for best results, see your dental surgeon at least twice a year to help maintain optimum dental health.

Can I Get Rid Of Stains On Teeth

If normal cleaning will not remove the staining, then consider teeth whitening, this procedure will usually involve the bleaching of the teeth, removing all stains, and leaving you with white teeth.

Most Dental surgeries offer this treatment, but due to the high costs of professional whitening, many Australians are now looking at home whitening kits. A good kit will use exactly the same methods and materials as use by a professional dental surgeon, and will give the same results – but at a fraction of the costsmile4you australia.

One home teeth whitening kit to consider is the one made by Smile4you, originating in the USA over 16 years ago, it has grown to be the best selling kit in the world, and is now available across Australia. The only kit to be fully FDA approved for both its safety and effectiveness, Smile4you is certainly one to consider

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