Why Am I Losing My Hair

What Causes Male Pattern Baldness

Over 95% of all cases of male hair loss in Australia is due to a condition called Male Pattern Baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia, the other 5% of cases being reportedly linked to stress, diet, general health and reactions to medications..

How Do I Know I Have Male Pattern Baldness

This is quite easy to identify as it follows a predictable pattern – At first the hairline starts to recede, usually at the brow and the temples, it will also start to thin at the crown area, usually leaving the back and the sides with good hair growth.


What Causes Male Pattern Baldness

It is caused by male hormones called Androgens affecting the hair follicles, this is usually genetic and happens when the male hormone testosterone is converted into something called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) by an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase. The resulting DHT damages the hair follicles, slowing done and eventually shutting down the natural hair production.

The one thing that still puzzles hair specialists even today is why the follicles at the front and top of the head are susceptible to DHT and the ones at the back and sides are usually unaffected.

My Father Went Bald – Does That Mean I Will

There is every chance that if male pattern baldness is in the family, that you will experience a degree of hair-loss as well, but other things do come into play including age, general health and levels of testosterone levels.

Can Male Pattern Baldness Be Treated

 What ever you read or have been told, you do not have to embrace your hair-loss if you don’t want to, yes some men just accept it and go with it, but there are some proven ways to control the hair-loss and in many cases, encourage hair re-growth

Improving blood flow to your follicles; and reducing the levels of DHT has been shown to encourage secondary hair growth and strengthen current hair growth.

 Does This Mean Expensive Hair Transplants

Not all, of course, many men go done this route, but it can cost many thousands of dollars, there are some highly effective non surgical treatments that have been clinically proven to reduce DHT and promote the re-growth of hair from the areas that usually lose their hair.

One such treatment is called Profollica, originating from the USA and now available here in Australia, it offers a proven and affordable way to reverse the effects of male pattern baldness without the pain and expense of hair restorative surgery.

More About Profollica

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