Where To Buy Phallosan In Australia

Phallosan Forte Now Available In Australia

 Europes Best Selling Penis Extender Is Now Available In Australia, Read On To Find Out What Makes Phallosan The Best Option For Effective Penis Enlargement.

 What Is Phallosan Forte

Phallosan is the latest generation of penis extender, originating from Europe, it penisvergroesserung-penisverlaengerung-phallosandiffers from many penis extenders in that it uses a gentle, permanent vacuum to encourage the cells in the penis to divide and multiply, promoting the development of new penile tissue, which results in increased length and girth.

 Phallosan Will

  • Increase Penis Length by up to 2”
  • Increase Girth by up to 1”
  • Reduce Penile curvature (Peyronies Disease)
  • Increase Blood Flow – Boosting Performance and Sensitivity

Order Phallosan® forte

2306641f07043544a8caea13781ef78cHow Does Phallosan Forte Work

The device is made up of a specially designed condom that is placed over the penis, the air is drawn out of the condom using the phallosan pump, this places the penis under a vacuum that provides a pulling or stretching pressure along the length of the penis.

Once under pressure, the penis is then held securely in a specially designed belt.

The pressure caused by the vacuum is totally painless; the unique design of the Phallosan belt makes wearing the device under pressure for periods of time extremely comfortable – essential for fast penis growth.

How Large Could My Penis Get With Phallosan Forte

Tests and trials have demonstrated that gains of up to 2” in length and 1” in girth can be achieved by using Phallosan Forte as directed

How Long Does The Process Take

To achieve maximum gains, users should be prepared to use the phallosan deviceph-glider-zuggabel as often as possible for between 4 and 6 months, initial results can however, often be seen after around 2 weeks with an initial increase of around ¾” offering fast proof that the device works.

Phallosan Testing

The device has been subjected to the most stringent testing; it is endorsed by many medical professionals. It utilises the body’s natural ability to grow and regenerate. It follows the same principles as surgeons worldwide when they treat inured or stunted limbs with traction. We have all seen photographs of various tribal cultures who use traction to lengthen their necks, earlobes and lips.

Where To Buy Phallosan Forte In Australia

penis-enlargement-enhancement-phallosanIn Europe, Phallosan Forte can be bought in some high street pharmacies, for the rest of the world, the subject of penis enlargement is still a delicate or taboo subject and because of this, orders can only be placed from the official Phallosan website.

Phallosan have full distribution in place all across Australia, orders are 100% secure, shipping is fast and discreet.

Phallosan Forte costs just AU $284.00 (inc shipping) and is sold with a full cash back guarantee.

Fast And Painless Penis Enlargement

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