Penomet Penis Pump Australia

Penomet Vacuum Pump Review

 Now Available Throughout Australia Is The Penomet Penis Pump – The Fast And Safe Way To Improve Erection Size And Power

The Penomet device is one of a new generation of penis enlargement devices, instead of using manual stretching or traction, it relies on a powerful vacuum that is helped and penomet-main-bannersupported by water.

Developed and intended for use in the bath or shower, Penomet uses water to support and protect the penis while it is under the vacuum.

Penomet Device Can

  • Quickly Increase Erection Size And Longevity
  • Treat Erectile Dysfunction
  • Improve Sexual Performance
  • Boost Confidence In The Bedroom
  • Promote Permanent Enlargement With Regular Use

Is It Safe

There have been reports of tissue damage being caused to the penis by some air based vacuum pumps but Penomet is different; the power of the water protects and ensures that no harm can come to the penis while the device is being used.

The device can be de-pressurised instantly should it be required, there is a choice of rubber gaiters that allow for various vacuum pressures to be produced.

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How Does Penomet Work

Penis-Hydro-Pumping-TipsDeveloped to be used in the bath or shower, the device is filled with water then placed over the penis. There is a rubber gaiter seal that makes contact with the groin to form the seal required for the vacuum. The device is then pumped up and down to push out some of the water and air to form a vacuum inside the device which places the penis under pressure.

This vacuum inside the device helps to draw an increased amount of blood into the penis, this blood flow generates a visibly larger and stronger erection.

Powerful Erections In under 5 minutes

In the short term, Penomet will quickly help to improve the sex lives of those who suffer with erectile dysfunction, the resulting erections are hard and longer lasting.

The increased size will at first revert back to normal as the erection subsides, but with regular daily use of around 20 minutes, users will begin to see visible permanent increases in both length and girth (thickness).

Permanent Increases In Size

With daily use, over a period of time, the vacuum pressure gradually causes the internal cells to divide and duplicate (very much as regular traction is used by doctors worldwide to straighten or lengthen stunted limbs) this causes new skin cells and blood vessels to develop, generating increased bulk to the penis.

Gains in length of between 2 and 3” are possible, along with an increase on girth of up to 30%

How Long Does The Penomet Take To Work

Larger, harder erections are visibly generated within a matter of minutes, the regular cta-2use of penomet will generate permanent increases in size, users could expect to see about ½” growth after 2 weeks, in order to achieve maximum gains of up to 3” users need to be prepared to use the device as often as possible for up to 6 months

Where To Buy The Penomet Device In Australia

Penomet ship orders worldwide, they have full distribution in place across Australia and New Zealand.

Guaranteed To Work Or Money Back

Ordering is simple and secure from the official website, all orders have the protection of  what is the longest cash back guarantee of any penis vacuum device – Buyers have 60 days to try the Penomet device risk free, if they fail to see any improvement they can return within two months for a full refund.

The Penomet device starts at $127, there are optional extras and packages available, each one offering increased benefits at discounted prices.

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