What Causes Impotence

What Causes Impotence

If you are one of many men worldwide who suffer from impotence, it is crucial to discover exactly what is causing the problem so you can determine a way to treat the problem.

Many causes can be linked to Impotence, ranging from physical problems, psychological issues and general lifestyle.

Physical Reasons For Impotence

It wasn’t too long ago that the medical profession as a whole dismissed physical causes for impotence, the general opinion was that impotence was a state of mind and more often than not was caused by emotional or phsychological reasons.

It has since been discovered that around 70% of all cases of impotence are physically based.

The reasons for physically caused impotence include

Reduced levels of testosterone – more common as we get older, the levels of this crucial male hormone can deplete, leading to a reduced ability to get or maintain an erection

Injury – Injuries, especially those to the groin and pelvic area can cause nerve damage which will in turn restrict the ability to achieve arousal

Medication – certain drugs especially those prescribed for conditions such as blood pressure, depression, angina, along with some anti depressants, anti histamines and some appetite suppressants can all have effects on the male libido.

Reduced Blood Flow – The single and most common cause of erection problems, (fortunately one of the easiest to treat as well) can be caused by smoking and drinking. Without a good strong blood flow into the penis, it is almost impossible to achieve a satisfactory erection.

Psychological Causes For Impotence

 The one main cause for Impotence (aside from lack of blood flow) is stress, worries at work, bills, mortgages etc all play their part. Feelings of Anger, Guilt and Fear are common impotence problems

LifestyleSmoking, drink and drugs are all proven to bring on impotence, being over weight and inactive can also cause the problem

How Can Impotence Be Cured

First we need to find the root cause of the problem, if its lifestyle based, then things need to change, try and quit smoking, reduce the amount you drink and eat sensibly, some physical or psychological causes will possibly need medical help and advice, so don’t be afraid to discuss your problem with your doctor.

Discuss the problem openly with your partner, as the worry of being impotent can only make it worse if it’s something you keep to yourself. If you try and avoid sexual contact for fear of failure from your partner, they may well think that you are not interested.

Take your time and try and relax before attempting sex, as the stress of worrying about if you can perform or not will just make the matter worse.

If you do decide that you need help in improving your performance or erection strength, there are alternatives to the prescription drugs like viagra that your doctor could prescribe; Some truly affective herbal remedies are available that offer the same effects and benefits of the prescription drug, but without the nasty side effects associated with it.

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