What Causes Man Boobs

What Are Man Boobs (Gynaecomastia)

Gynaecomastia (A.K.A Man Boobs) is a problem that can effect men of all ages, it is a hormonal problem caused by the formation of excess breast tissue both under and around the nipples, often occurring in puberty, but it can easily affect men of any age.

Sufferers of gynaecomastia can often have quite feminine looking breasts, something that can be a source of great embarrassment and sometimes ridicule

It has also been proved that taking certain medicines, and in particular anabolic steroids can also cause gynaecomastia.

Man Boobs Are Not Caused By being Overweight

 When the problem occurs in puberty, quite often the man boobs disappear as the hormones regulate with age, when the problem occurs in an older man they are often the result of an issue with the pituitary gland. Man Boobs are not a product of being overweight, in fact many sufferers are slim, fit men.

False Gynaecomastia

Some men have extra fat on their chest that give the impression of breasts, this is known as False Gynaecomastia and is a direct symptom of being overweight, this excess fat can only be reduced by dieting and taking more regular exercise.

Treament for Man Boobs can (in serious cases) take the form of cosmetic surgery or by taking a course of Oral supplements and using topical creams that reverse the hormone imbalance and reduce the build up of fatty tissue.

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