Just How Overweight Are You

Waist Size Can Determine Your Health

Health experts have told us that most men misjudge or underestimate their waist size; this could lead to the risk of us developing heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.

man with fat bellyThe average male waist size in Australia is just over 37” and because of this we are in real danger of becoming a population of unfit and unwell men who have poor health and a reduced life expectancy

Experts recommend that to keep health risks to a minimum any man regardless of age or build should not have a waist larger than 40” and preferably under 37”.

Recent surveys carried out nationwide reported that 87% of men did not even know their own waist size.

The Dangers of Increased Waist Size

Having excess stomach fat can release inflammatory harmful chemicals into the body, leading to onset of heart disease, diabetes and cancer

 Weight Loss Expert Tracey Parker said

“Men may not even know that they are in the danger area, check yourself and if you find that your waistline exceeds 37” try and introduce a change in your lifestyle to help you lose weight. Even small things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or walking to work instead of driving can and will help”.

The dangers of being overweight are well documented, but changing our lifestyle and our eating habits is not always that easy to do. Fortunately there is help available, and one such product that is proven to help with weight loss is Phen375

Phen375 Fat Burner

 phen375 australiaThe product of years of research development, Phen 375 is a powerful (yet safe) fat burner that is proven to help users lose between 3 and 5lbs a week, It works by raising the body’s natural metabolism, helping it to naturally burn any unwanted fat that would usually be stored as energy.

This results not only in fast and efficient weight loss, but also has the benefit of providing increased energy

More About Phen375

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