How Can I Make More Sperm

How Can I Make More Sperm

For many men, the amount of semen that they produce during ejaculation is a concern, for some, the worry is simply their fertility, for others is the power of the ejaculation that concerns them.

It’s a well known fact that the greater the volume of semen produced, the more powerful (and pleasurable) the orgasm can be.

How Can I Produce More Semen

There are some natural ways in which you can help the body produce more semen;

  • Exercise –This as we all know is good for us, by keeping our body fitter, it functions more efficiently and amongst a whole wealth of processes, semen production is one that can increase with improved fitness.
  •  Being overweight is a classic cause of reduced sperm production, keeping to a weight that is correct for your height and build is important for maximum semen production, exercise also increases blood flow that boosts the body’s processes.
  •  Eating healthily is important for a healthy sperm count, avoiding processed foods and those with modified ingredients will be beneficial to semen production.
  • Drinking plenty of water is also a must as it keeps the body correctly hydrated and flushes any toxins out of the system that can have a detrimental effect to semen production.
  •  Drinking Alcohol and smoking is also a factor in semen production, it is a medical fact that non smokers have on average a greater sperm count than those who smoke or drink to excess.
  •  Avoid Places Of Intense Heat; Saunas, Jacuzzis and even a hot bath  at home will over heat the genitals, reducing the production of semen and sperm,
  •  Probably more embarrassing is Masturbation, while a totally natural process, if it’s carried out to excess, it will reduce the quality of semen and the sperm dramatically. This is particularly important for those concerned about fertility. (Those trying for a baby)
Experts advise that ejaculating every three days is acceptable and has no detrimental effect on either semen levels or the quality of sperm, any more frequently and the development of healthy sperm can be reduced

Natural Supplements Aimed At Increasing Semen Volume

There are some good natural based supplements developed to help boost the body’s production of semen.

One that we would 100% recommend is Semenax, a totally natural based product that has been shown to increase semen volume by as much as 500%

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