Fast Teeth Whitening Australia

Fastest Teeth Whitening Kit In Australia

Teeth Whitening Specialists Mint have now launched their quality teeth whitening kit into Australia, Their kit is reported to be the fastest acting kit currently available to buy anywhere.

What Makes The Mint Kit So Fast To Work

The Mint kit is different to most kits on the market in that it uses Dental Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Gel at a 6% mint fast teeth whiteningstrength instead of the more usual Carbamide peroxide that tends to be slower acting.

Mint Official Website

Whats The Difference

Hydrogen peroxide is 4 times quicker to activate and whiter your teeth when compared to more conventional gels. Mainly used by Dentists in their surgeries, the gel in the mint kit is a powerful, safe and fast acting product that will whiten your teeth in as little as 30 minutes.

Is The Gel Safe

Yes, as long as the treatment is carried out as directed, there should be no major side effects – some users may feel a slight sensitivity (tingling) of the teeth after treatment, this is usual and will pass quickly.

The Mint Kit Contains

Everything you need to quickly whiten your teeth by as much as 11 shades of white,

with each kit you receive

  • three customiseable teeth application trays (one spare)
  • sufficient whitening gel for around 40 treatments
  • aftercare gel to maintain strong teeth
  • full written instructions along with an informative DVD
  • Luxury presentation box – ideal for a gift

mint kit open Where Can I Buy The Mint Teeth Whitening Kit

Currently apart from a few selected retail stockists, the best way to purchase official Mint Teeth Whitening Kits is from the official website, although the head office is  based in the UK,  Mint have full distribution in place across Australia and orders are sent out and delivered promptly

The Mint Kit sells for around $59.99 (depending on currency conversions) which when compared to professional teeth whitening at around $300 – 400 a time is real value for money.

If You Want To Whiten Your Teeth Fast

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