Dr George’s Dental White In Australia

Where To Buy Dr George’s Dental White In Australia

One the most famous home teeth whitening kits in the world has now reached the shores of Australia, and it’s not to be missed!!

Dr Georges Dental White was developed 16 years ago by one of USA’s most respected dental surgeons – Dr George Madray, he saw the need for an effective home teeth whitening kit and boy did he deliver…

His kit is now the best selling home kit in the world, with millions of satisfied users worldwide including thousands of professional dentists who use the kits in their surgeries.

 What’s In The Dental White Kit

Each kit provides everything that you need to white your teeth at home:

  •  120mls of FDA approved 16% Carbamide peroxide whitening gel – sufficient for 220 applications
  •  Two fully customisable teeth application trays
  •  Application syringe
  •  Full detailed instructions
This kit will whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades of white in just 14 days – initial results are apparent after the first application.

The basic kit costs just $44.62. There are other optional accessories available that can enhance your whitening experience

  •  Aftercare Gels – strengthens and protects the tooth enamel
  •  Blue light assembly – as used by dentists worldwide to speed the whitening process
  •  Whitening Pen – using the same gel as the main kit, this handy pen can be carried with you for that immediate ‘touch up’ when ever required
  •  Tooth Gloss – enhances the whitening effect, cleans and protects the teeth from decay and bacteria.

Order Dental White Basic Home Kit For $44.62

The kits are distributed by teeth whitening specialists Smile4you, they have full distribution in place across Australia and orders are sent swiftly and discreetly.

Buyers looking for the maximum whitening effect should have a look at the different packages that are available..

Best Buy Recommendation

Our recommendation for best buy would be the ‘Express Whitening and Aftercare’ package. For just $61.12 (or less), buyers will get the basic kit plus:

  •  One Blue Light assembly
  • Two aftercare gels to make sure that their teeth stay healthy and strong.

Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back

Dental White is covered by a 14 day money back guarantee, if you buy and try Dental White and find that it does not make your teeth whiter, you can return the kit and any unused product for a full refund with no questions asked.

Where To Buy Dr Georges Dental White In Australia

 Dr Georges Dental White Can be bought direct from Smile4you, their website is packed with information on the kit and details of trials, results and what can be expected by using this famous kit.

 Order Yours Today and Say Goodbye To Yellow Or Stained Teeth

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