Does The Male Menopause Exist

Does The Male Menopause Exist

Male Menopause – Fact Or Fiction

Doctors and health specialist across Australia have long argued about whether the male menopause (official name Andropause) exists, they have now determined that although men do not go through the same full blooded changes associated with women, they do have some quite dramatic changes as they age.

Symptoms Of Andropause

The changes that can affect men as they experience the Andropause are down to the general reduction in testosterone levels and HGH (Human Growth Hormone), these can include

  •  Lack of energy or increased fatigue
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Anxiety
  • Erection Problems
  • Forgetfulness and lack of Concentration
  • Weight Gain
  • Sleep Problems

Can The Andropause Be Treated

The way to treat the Andropause is to encourage the body to produce increased levels of these important hormones, with injection therapies being expensive (and in the case of HGH illegal), the scientists at Provacyl have studied and developed a purely natural supplement aimed at redressing the debilitating effects of the andropause.

Provacyl Official Website

They have developed a power packed formulation of proven natural herbal ingredients that includes L-arginine, Acai, Hypothalamus, Tribulus Terrestris, Lysine and Muira Pauma. These are all proven to kick start hormone production, improving energy levels and boost a depleted sex drive improving erection quality and longevity.

Provacyl can also help to improve sleep quality.

Men who are suffering from Andropause, not only feel older, quite often they look older as well, Experts suggest that the andropause can add 15 years to your appearance.

By restoring your natural hormone levels, Provacyl can help users regain their youthful energy, improved mental sharpness and appearance of youth.

Provacyl Can

  • Improve Your Alertness, And Memory
  • Increase Sex Drive and Erection Quality
  • Look Younger
  • Lose Weight
  • Improve Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Get Better More Restful Sleep
  • Improved Hair Growth
  • Lose Those Lines And Wrinkles

Where Can I Buy Provacyl

Provacyl is not available in regular stores, this non prescription supplement can only be bought from the official website. Orders can be placed either online, or if you prefer, by telephone or mail order.

The suppliers ship worldwide, prices start at AUD $59.50 for a months supply, with some substantial savings for larger orders.

Orders are shipped across Australia quickly and discreetly

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