Does High Testosterone Really Equal A Large Penis?

Does High Testosterone Really Equal A Large Penis?

While testosterone plays a fundamental role in all aspect of male development and masculine traits, just how important is the link between testosterone and penis size?

In this article, we’ll take a look at how the penis grows, the link between testosterone and penis size and whether it really is true that a testosterone supplement can help you pack more down below.

 Male Development: The Lowdown

According to well-documented research, until the age of 11 there’s very little difference between the bodies young male and female bodies. Once puberty hits, however, both sexes experience myriad changes.

A crucial part of this for boys is a huge increase in testosterone, which guides the male body through the journey to manhood. This androgen hormone is produced in, and released from, the Leydig cells in the testes, and regulates everything from muscle mass and strength to sperm production and libido.

Oh and it doesn’t end there, either – testosterone is an all-round health superhero, helping bones to become strong, regulating a range of important bodily processes and reducing the risk of a range of  a range of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

While T levels soar at around 11-18, once you hit thirty you’ll, alongside most men, will see your T levels drop by around 1% per year.

But why does testosterone production increase during puberty anyway? This happens because the brain’s hypothalamus triggers the testes to releasing greater amounts of testosterone, kicking off the development phase known as puberty.

The Main Stages Of Puberty

While no two teenage boys will be the same, puberty tends to follow a series of five stages, outlined below:

  • Stage 1: the body experiences a growth spurt and the testes begin to develop
  • Stage 2: the testes continue to grow, muscle tissue increases and the body’s shape continues to evolve
  • Stage 3: pubic hair appears and the penis grows in length.
  • Stage 4: the voice deepens, facial and pubic hair begins to appear and the penis grows in width
  • Stage 5: the penis and testes reach full development, and adult height is reached

And remember – testosterone is the starting point for all of this!

The Link Between Testosterone And Penis Size

We often here men ask if once puberty is over, can testosterone still lead to changes in penis size during adulthood?

We’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but sadly no…..

While most men enjoy high T levels throughout their twenties, this tends to lend itself to regulating other characteristics rather than directing itself to the gonadal area. In fact, it’s actually genetics that controls penis size, and most of this comes into play during foetal development.

And while an abundance of T can’t grow the penis more once adulthood has settled in, a lack of T during development can play a role in underdevelopment of the penis.

Often talked about under the medical moniker hypogonadism, low testosterone is suffered by men with levels of lower than 300 ng.dL. This can occur as early as in the womb, where T levels help determine which gender the foetus will become.

Numerous studies suggest that smaller than average penises have their root in foetal development with low testosterone levels. One such study featured in the Journal of Pediatrics even highlighted a group of infants suffering from micropenis developed normally in adulthood as the results of testosterone supplementation.

So while testosterone couldn’t be more important in determining penis size during foetal development, it won’t change the size of your penis during adulthood.

Testosterone In The Bedroom

But while T supplementation won’t help your penis grow bigger, it will help where it matters – in the bedroom.

That’s right: testosterone can have a huge impact on both libido and sexual performance. And by that same token, those suffering from low sex drive have often proven to have lacklustre testosterone levels.

This is backed up by real proof, too: A large scale study conducted in Boston, Massachusetts saw a notable relationship between low libido and low testosterone across a sample of 1,600 men.

And then there are erections: a Reviews in Urology study has claimed a prominent link between low testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction, and that testosterone supplementation helped ease these symptoms.

In other words, Testosterone counts for lots in the bedroom! As if you needed any other reason to pick up a supplement today…

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