Causes Of Male Acne

What Causes Acne In Adult Men

A national survey has shown that around 80% of all adults over 18 will suffer from some form of acne male acneto a varying degree, although it mainly affects those in their younger years, (up to early 20’s) it can and does affect adult men of any age.

This is called Late Onset Acne and is suffered by adults up to and well into their 40’s

Adult acne can affect both men and women, and there are different kinds of skin irritation and spots, but it is men that can suffer from more extreme longer lasting acne, adult women suffering from adult acne tend to suffer it during changes in hormonal balance such as pregnancy and menopause.

The other statistic is that men are less likely to seek help or advice on the problem, preferring to try and treat the problem themselves.

Adult acne in men can be caused by skin irritation and in some cases excess testosterone, increased levels of this hormone can cause the sebaceous glands to over produce sebum, which in turn can block pores and cause the breakout of acne.

There are different kinds of acne

  •  · Occupational acne – caused by exposure to chemicals
  • · Adolescent acne
  • · Keloid acne
  • · Cosmetic induced acne – reactions to certain cosmetics and creams
  • · Drug induced acne – reactions to certain medications

All the above can cause the outbreaks in adults at any time without warning.

Are There Any Cures For Adult Acne

 Some cases of acne are caused by external influences, drug induced or occupational acne can be reduced by removing the source of irritation (in the case of occupational acne) or seeing the doctor to discuss changing medication (where the acne is caused by reactions to medication).

The other kinds of acne can benefit from a course of specialised acne treatment, there are severalclearpores treats adult acne good products available that are specially designed to treat adult acne; one such product is Clearpores.

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