Where To Buy Vivaxa Australia

Where To Buy Vivaxa Australia

 If  You Have Ever Struggled To Last Long Enough In Bed, Have A Look At Vivaxa – The Proven Way To Prolong Your Lovemaking

One of the main concerns a man can have, especially when with a new partner is his ability to last long enough to satisfy… Finishing too early in bed, can leave him feeling totally embarrassed and his partner unsatisfied and probably frustrated.

In the younger man, nerves or anxiety can play their part, but the problem can actually be a physical one – Hyper sensitivity of the skin can cause increased stimulation that will often lead to premature ejaculation and unsatisfied partners.

There are a number of de-sensitizing products available, but most of have them have one thing in common – The effects are often passed onto the woman leaving them unable to experience any sensation whatsoever.

Vivaxa Is Different

Vivaxa is a de-sensitising product with a difference, when applied to the penis, it works to de-sensitize the penis without passing the effects onto the woman during lovemaking. This results in improved sexual performance and greater pleasure for both.

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Vivaxa is formulated with a unique compound called Peptide 171 which has been blended with Calmosensine – a proven skin calming and soothing ingredient.

The two compounds work together to de-sensitize the penis, prolonging the sexual performance.

Where To Buy Vivaxa

Vivaxa is available worldwide directly from the manufacturers, they ship orders quickly and discreetly.

A tube of Vivaxa costs $59.00 and can be ordered online, or if you prefer by telephone, fax or mail order.

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