Australia Withdraws 9 Teeth Whitening Products

Unsafe Teeth Whitening Products Withdrawn

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has immediately recalled 9 popular home teeth whitening products.

The Products Withdrawn Are

  •  White My Bite – Sensitive
  • White My Bite – Professional
  • White My Bites – Advanced
  • Sunshine Health
  • NiteWhite
  • White Smile
  • DaVinci Elite – Pen and Whitening Kit
  • Crest Whitening Strips

It has been reported that users of these unsafe products had complained of unacceptable side effectssore mouth including burning in the mouth, ulcers, extreme sensitivity, headaches, tingling and discoloured teeth. Some of these kits had gel strengths that exceeded 30% concentration.

The ACCC commissioner advised all those seeking to whiten their teeth at home should be cautious and look into products and kits before buying.

The advice is that users should not buy or use any products that  do not clearly display the strength of the bleaching compound, and when buying, make sure that they only use kits that use gels that do not exceed 18% Carbamide peroxide or 6% hydrogen peroxide.

 Gels of these strengths are generally side effect free and suitable for all users.

 The FDA in America have actually gone one step further and only approve Gels up to 16% concentration.

Safe And Approved Teeth Whitening Kit

With all these concerns surrounding home teeth whitening kits, one kit that rises above the rest is the one supplied by Smile4You,

smile4you australiaHaving been available for over 16 years, it uses an approved strength of 16% Carbamide peroxide, the only kit in the world to actually have full FDA approval and now fully available across Australia, easy to use and totally safe – it also offers no adverse side effects and can whiten user’s teeth by up to 11 shades of white in just 14 days

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